It’s The Thought That Counts… Right?!?

Hi everyone!

It’s Mommy Monday!

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the mind of a 12-year-old???  Or how a set of twins can process things at totally opposite ends of the spectrum???

I know I sure have… and still do!

Like today, for instance…

The boys and I were on our way home from running an errand and somehow the subject of Christmas came up.

It was just this past summer that they “discovered” where all of their COOL Christmas presents REALLY come from.

Up until that point, I had been very successful in keeping the fantasy alive by reminding them that WE certainly couldn’t afford to pay for all those things that “magically” appeared underneath the Christmas tree… and how would I find the time to BUY them… or WRAP them… and where on earth would I HIDE them?!?

That logic totally pacified them… and also seemed to be buying me a little more time to continue using the “naughty-list” threat… or at least it did… until they had a little chat with their great-grandma this summer.

Oh well… so maybe it was time for them to find out… you know- before they become the laughing-stock of middle school.  It was still a good run while it lasted.


Now that they “know what they know”, they’ve begun to “experiment” with the concept of gift “giving”.  Apparently the two of them have had some discussion about this and came to the conclusion that they want to buy Christmas presents for US because we “work so hard” and “always give to everyone else”.

They’ve decided that this year it’s OUR turn to receive gifts… or at least it WILL be if grandpa agrees to reinstate their allowance!   😉

So, I spent the entire ride home fielding a barrage of questions…

What size boots do you wear?  What kind of perfume do you like?  What’s your favorite movie? Do you need a new attachment for your mixer?  Do you need more furniture to paint? Do you like leather coats?  Would you wear a nice bracelet?

After careful consideration of my answers…they both announced that they had figured out the PERFECT gift!

Jimmy said, “You can never go wrong with chocolate!”  (<<<<<Smart boy, right?!?)

And Jeff?!?

He wants to buy me a box of HAIR DYE!

Ok… I know I’ve always been taught that it’s the THOUGHT that counts… but, HAIR DYE?!?  SERIOUSLY?!?

I’m not quite sure if he just has a lot to learn yet… or if he’s trying to tell me something in his own awkwardly “subtle” way… or if this is simply “payback” for the toothpaste he got in his stocking last year…

But, either way… for his sake, I really hope he ends up marrying someone with an incredible sense of humor… sheesh!



2 thoughts on “It’s The Thought That Counts… Right?!?

  1. Jean

    We are sitting here laughing and wondering who that Great Grandma was who would do something like that!! smh….LOL.


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