Ewwwwww… YUK!

Hi everyone!

It’s Mommy Monday!

I cannot even begin to tell you how utterly grossed out and FREAKED OUT I am right now!

Last night, while driving back from the restaurant, I happened to turn my head slightly to the left to look at a sign on the side of the road when, out of the corner of my eye, I saw something… moving

Since we were traveling on a side road with virtually no traffic, I QUICKLY brought my car to a complete stop, flung my driver’s side door open, and swoooooooooooshed a spider OFF MY ARM!

Whew! I HATE spiders- the ONLY time I will squash one is when there isn’t anyone else around to do it for me!

I’ll admit- this wasn’t a big hairy spider… in fact it was actually kind of small, like maybe the size of a pencil eraser. But it was orange-ish… and ugly… and a SPIDER!

Anyway- we continued on down the road (with one LESS passenger!) to run an errand.

Afterwards, we went home, let the animals out, got the boys to bed, and then I sat down to unwind and relax a little bit.

About 10 minutes into my “relaxation session”, I thought I felt something drop down into my shirt. After the spider “incident”, I was afraid it was another one… so naturally I started doing the “spider dance”… you know… looking down my shirt, in my bra, shaking my shirt, hopping up and down, and frantically brushing off any area of my body that I could reach…

Finally satisfied that I was just still a little jumpy from that totally ICKY thing crawling on my body earlier, I went back to doing what I was doing.

A few hours later (time sure does fly when it’s quiet around here!), I decided it was time to go to bed. I grabbed my PJs off the bed and headed to the bathroom to change so that I could turn on a light without waking my husband up.

I took off my shirt, removed my bra and… OMG!!!… that same #$(%(# spider that I thought I tossed out at the curb hours ago was crawling around on my bra! That “thing” had been next to my skin for 3 hours, and I never even felt it!!!

Honestly, if my husband wasn’t already sleeping, I would’ve screamed like a girl… loud and PROUD!

Instead, I flung my bra into the bathroom sink, shook the spider off, and turned on the faucet full blast for a couple of minutes.

After I calmed down somewhat, I finished getting dressed and went back to the sink to brush my teeth before heading to bed. And just what do you think I found crawling around in the sink bowl?!? YEP! That icky spider… again!!!

How it managed to survive the waterfall from the faucet and all that muck and gunk in the sink drain is beyond me!

So, on goes the water again… this time HOT WATER, and for a good FIVE MINUTES! Ewwwwwwwww! And then I stood there… for five more minutes… just to be SURE that it didn’t manage to somehow climb back up the drain again. Whew! Nothing… good riddance little spider!

Of course, as I was lying in bed, all I could think about was that stupid spider- where it came from, if it was poisonous, if it had bitten me, if there were MORE! YUK!

Then I started thinking that maybe I should’ve taken a picture of it… you know… just in case the emergency room doctors needed to identify the huge hairy spider that bit me and put me in a coma or something!

Sometime later this morning, I finally managed to find a 10 minute “window” to grab a shower. I stepped out of the shower, got dressed, made my bed, put some laundry away, and then went back into the bathroom to brush my teeth. Just as I was reaching out to turn on the faucet, guess what I found?!?

YEP! That stupid spider was back AGAIN!

Big Hairy Spider

Big Hairy Spider

I grabbed a piece of toilet paper, knocked the spider off the faucet and ran out to the kitchen to grab my camera (for the ER doctors, of course!)… hoping it wouldn’t “run away” or HIDE before I could get back to the bathroom!

By the time I made it to the sink, the spider was already crawling around on the toilet paper. I carefully lifted up a corner of the paper, flung it into the toilet, and FLUSHED… TWICE!!!

I don’t know what kind it was, or where it came from, but I swear… if that thing comes back again, I either have an infestation or it’s a mutant ninja spider!

Whichever it is… I can’t seem to get that darned “Itsy Bitsy Spider” song out of my head now… Ugh!



6 thoughts on “Ewwwwww… YUK!

  1. Jean

    OMG, I HATE spiders!! Having second thoughts about visiting now!! All day I will have the itsy bitsy spider song in my head. Thanks for the laugh…..3 hours it was in your bra?? Even after the “spider dance”? OMG!!

  2. Sandi

    I don’t know how you managed not to have a heart attack!!! I have been known to run from my house, in a bath towel, due to a ( hairy, black and very large) spider.

    1. Lynn Post author

      Lol… maybe I’m just getting “mellow” in my old age?!? Trust me… I WANTED to scream at the top of my lungs… it was GROSS!


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